2018 Memorials made to Magness Library
Donald Bassi
•        Joyce Wallace
•        Mary Clark
•        George C. Bolding

Myrtle Brock
       By: Charles and Patty Nunley

Marvin Campen
By: Cynthia, Kathleen, Daisy Campen

Larry Cherry
       By: Central High Class of 1957

Richard “Dick” Clasby
       By: Cumberland Lumber

Edwin Golden
       By: Central High Class of 1952

Helen Fay Hickey
       By: Betty and Jerry Haston

Fred Hillis
       By: Mary and Don Collette

James Richard Juhasz
       By: City High Class of 1969

Daniel Paul Long
       By: Opal and Joseph Crosby

Russell T. McGee
       By: Kathie McGee

T.J. Miller
       By: Bonnie and Charles Collier

Bill Patterson
       By: Tammy and Billy Joe Crouch

Lloyd Neal Pistole
       By: City High Class of 1969

Sue Smart
•        The Book Club
•        Judith Roney

Mary Spivey
•        Andy and Bette Myers
•        WW WIlson

Jo Stewart
       By: Sheila Walling

Edna Elizabeth Stubblefield
       By: Central High Class of 1957

Monty Wannamaker
•        Irving College Class of 1957
•        Wilma Davenport
•        Virginia Kraft
•        Steve and Lisa Trail

Charlotte Warner
       By: Warren Academy Staff

Myrtle Brock
       By: Tom and June Spivey

Cleo Ware
       By: Betty Ware

Gail Bouldin
•        Betty Sue Young
•        Arlene Oakley
•        Andy and Bette Myers

Kenneth (Peanut) Cantrell
•        Rachel Killebrew
•        Andy, Bette, and Drew Myers
•        Barbara Gillespie

Lonnie Capshaw
       By: Anonymous

Delores Glenn
•        Arlene Oakley and Family
•        Andy and Bette Myers

Jerry Haston
       By: Sheila Walling

Alice Litz
       By: Brad Walker

Douglas Moyers
       By: Andy and Betty Meyers

June Roberts
       By: Paula Barnes

Helen Beth Rossman
•        Billy Wood
•        Carolyn Rogers
•        Mike Hillman
•        Marty Cubbies

Dr. F.R. “Bob” Searle
       By: Gail Askew

Joyce Eileen Southard
•        Larry and Janice Boyd
•        Barry and Debbie Barnes
•        Billy Stubblefield

Martha Bell Smartt Turner
       By: Central High Class of 1952

Tommy Vaughn
•        Paula Barnes
•        Andy and Betty Meyers

Ingrid Westbrook
       By: Dennis Eggert

J.B. Cole
       By: Bruce Cole

Evelyn Byars
       By: Andy, Bette, and Drew Myers

Jackson Dunlap
•        Terry and Kerry Mullican
•        Andy and Bette Myers
•        Barbara Gillespie
•        Margaret Sparkman
•        Melba Williams
•        Betty Burch

Howell Foster
       By: Billy Joe and Tammy Crouch

Dorothy Hargrove
       By: Andy and Bette Myers

Shelbie Jean Kirby
•        Justin and Brandon Keen
•        Clyde Kirby

R.L. Mason Jr.
       By: Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing
Company Inc.

Betty Joyce McCormick
       By: Cumberland Lumber and Manufacturing
Company Inc.

Charles Norton
       By: George C. Bolding

Larry Pistole
       By: McMinnville City High Class of 1967

Carole Schantz
       By: Country Club Book Club

Jim Short
        By: Paula, Vicki, Susan, and Merry Lynn

Tyree Smith
•        George C. Bolding
•        Pat Allen
•        Phyllis and Freddie Young
•        Debbie Allen

Jedidiah Luke Thomas
       By: Mike and Holly Grissom

Thomas Vaughn, Jr.
•        Thomas B. Vaughn, Sr.
•        Betty Vaughn
•        Melody Gerow

Alice Wiser
•        Amy Myers
•        Autumn Malone
•        Meredith Woodlee
•        Teresa Hennessee

Diane Brown Womack
       By: McMinnville City High Class of 1969

Paul Luna
       By: Louise Brown

Raleigh B. Miller
       By: Susan Miller Foote

The Children’s Room
       By: Bruce and Lynne Cole

•        The Collection Investment Club
•        Thomas Fisher
•        Cynthia Wood-MacLean
•        Judith Roney